Communication designer. Photo-video-graphic expert. Visual branding specialist. Content manager. 

I have always had overactive attention. I have always been focused on many topics, even at once. Unconsciously at first, but finally deliberately, for practice. Today in my work I combine different forms of communications and join all points of view in one visual strategy.
From the early days, I have been constantly not only asking ‘why’ but looking for an explanation myself, taking all the reasons as possible, explaining context and exploring perspectives. And this appears to be the greatest skill for my professional personality. Looking for new angle, and exceeding my own mindset make me be creative and humble in my work. Let me stay curious all the time and eager to seek for inspiration everywhere I look.

I build brand by thoughts, words, and all other senses.  Provide quality for visibility. I communicate by photo, video and graphic. The smallest moments of time bringing to life as powerful stories.